Capabilities and Capacities
Methods, Machineries and Accessories we use for various machining process allow us to produce complex profiles and shapes required for precision tooling industry at an accuracy level of 2 to 5 microns. In order to achieve quality standards the whole machining activities are carried out in a controlled atmosphere, so that temperature difference doesn’t cause any deviations in the jobs when measured at customer end.

Surface Grinding
We have 20 Surface Grinding machines of German and Japanese origin out of which, two are CNC Surface Grinding machines. We are experts in Carbide Grinding which is inevitable for High speed stamping. We perform creep feed grinding which can produce unconventional blind profiles in Surface Grinding.

Jig Grinding & Profile Grinding
We have Jig Grinding and profile grinding facility which is capable of producing spare parts for High-speed stamping. Complex and accurate Carbide punches and dies can be made using Profile Grinding machine. Precise guiding parts for moulds and dies are finished in Jig Grinding machine.

Sink EDM
We have Swiss and Japanese make 10 CNC Sink EDM machines, which are capable of making 5 to 10 microns dimensional accuracy and surface roughness value up to 0.2 Ra. Machines have Quick Change Robotic interface up to 92 positions to perform continuous feeding of electrodes without manual interventions. For enhancing productivity we are equipped with “System 3R” reference system.

Wire EDM
Our Swiss made Wire EDM machines uses wires of diameter ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.25 mm and EDM Drilling machines can do the drilling up to a diameter of 0.3 mm. Various grades of Steels, copper and carbides can be machined in these machines. These sophisticated machines can process complex geometric shapes up to 150 mm height.

CNC Milling
Equipped with 5 axis CNC machining centers, we are capable of producing complex shapes in Tool steels, graphite and copper. We have dedicated machine for graphite machining equipped with 42000 rpm.

Conventional Milling & Heat Treatment
Best in class machines and furnaces are available in this section. Equipped with 4 atmospheric furnaces, we do hardening, stress-relieving, tempering and annealing on various tool steels. We also have facility for sub-zero treatment. Our Conventional milling machines are used for soft machining of parts required for Moulds and Dies.

Molding Machines
Our moulding machines are specially designed for obtaining high dimensional accuracy and consistency. They are equipped with interchangeable screw diameter with inbuilt Hot Runner Controller system. To support our moulding activity, we use ABONI FMX3-01 moisture analyzer.

Quality Assurance
Precision tool manufactures requires high end quality assurance which is a part and parcel of the activity. We have well defined Quality system, consisting of in process and final inspection. We ensure 100% inspection for the entire die & mould parts and also sampling inspection for molded components to meet the customer requirements. To accomplish this we use advance measuring equipments like CMMs, Profile projectors, Digital height gauges, tool maker’s microscope and surface texture measuring machine.