Products and Services

Mould design
Fundamental activity of mould making starts with design. Ray-hans engineer’s subject knowledge along with systematic approach in performing each task ensures best quality and shorter lead time. A team of Tool makers and process engineers review each design to ensure Manufacturing easiness.
Our design center uses Creo 2 (ProE) software for designing activities and supported by mold flow analyzing software. Ray-hans expertise in hot and cold runner systems allows serving customer seeking high as well as low volume productions. Hardened core and cavity plates and inserts are used for moulds with higher volume components which ensure millions of shots without major overhauling.

Manufacturing of Moulds & Dies & Fixtures

Creativity of designer and skill of tool engineer will not integrate unless supported by equally competent manufacturing expertise and advanced machineries. Ray-hans facility comprising of conventional and CNC Machines which are best of its kind and engineers supported by highly skilled operators makes the perfect blend for quality product. We have a track record of manufacturing over 200 moulds which have exceeded expectations of our customers. Our manufacturing practices are of Japanese origin and we improved this over the years.

Our Manufacturing facility comprises of Conventional Milling, CNC Milling, Surface Grinding, Profile Grinding, Jig Grinding, Die Sinking and Wire EDM. We perform material treatment process like hardening, tempering and stress relieving along with sophisticated process like sub-zero treatment.
To meet tooling challenges, we are using latest CAD/CAM programming softwares such as DelCAM, Esprit and PEPS. For Production Planning we use “Preactor APS 400” from Siemens.

Tool assembly is an art which requires mechanical aptitude, experience and high hand skills. A well assembled mould or die calls for very few trials and corrections. Ray-hans’s well trained engineers are assets to the firm and their handful experience is in line to meet International manufacturing standards and practices.  We have mastered this art over the years, assembling complex moulds and dies. Precision machined parts are individually suited for perfect matching. This systematic approach in assembling process ensures longer life for moulds and dimensional consistency in components.

Supply of Precision Machined Parts
In addition to the supply of fully assembled moulds and dies; we support customers by manufacturing spare parts for their moulds, dies and fixtures. These spares parts go through 100% inspection against the customer drawings in our independent Quality Assurance department. This ensures that parts supplied to production lines are error free and requires less changeover time at customer end. We extents highly competent pricing for repeat orders and provides scheduled delivery pattern to many automotive production lines running in various parts of Europe. 

Production of Molded Components

Achieving dimensional consistency in molded components is a combination of mould quality and process parameters on right kind of machineries. We have established this combination so that customers need not have to spend additional time and money to establish suitable production atmosphere. As we have integrated mould building capability, repairs and mould maintenance will be carried out quickly. These specialties make us standout from the competitors and ensure customer satisfaction.